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This Fall, team USA Fistball will compete in the IFA Fistball Women's World Cup in Montecarlo, Argentina. This World Cup features many nations from all around the world! The USA Women’s Team recently competed at the 2022 World Games in Birmingham, Alabama, the largest multisport event of Olympic future sports.


In addition to this, the U18 National Team is looking to send a team to the U18 World Cup taking place from October 30-November 2 in beautiful Llanquihue, Chile. The USFA has not had a youth team compete since they hosted the U18 World Cup in Flanders, NJ. Youth players are the cornerstone of US Fistball, and without them, the future of the sport will not look the same. 

USA Pres Cup Title.jpeg

What is Fistball?

Fistball is a fast paced net sport with similarities to volleyball and tennis. It is played on a large grass court 3x the size of a volleyball court.
Fistball is played 5 vs 5. Each team is allowed 3 touches to return the ball over the net. The ball may bounce once before each touch, and players are only allowed to use a single arm or closed fist to contact the ball.

Fundraising Goals

As an amateur sport without Olympic recognition, the USFA receives no yearly funding. All funds are raised by the USFA and its members through donations and sponsorships. 10 players and 2 coaches for each team will travel to South America for the 2024 World Cup and Panamerican Championship. The overall cost of the trip & training is estimated at $38,000 total. Our goal is to fully subsidize this event for our athletes and coaches. The breakdown of the trip is as follows:

Travel to South America $14,000
Travel for Training Camps $10,000
Lodging $12,000
+       Uniforms & Teamwear $2,500
Total = $38,500 x 4 Teams = $154,000

Funds received by the USFA are also allocated towards efforts to grow the sport and support existing programs. This includes, but isn't limited to:

  • Women's Fistball - Contribute to our Women’s Fistball program and support national team with equipment, apparel, travel and training costs. Additional funds will be used for player workshops and development, outreach initiatives, and supplying new women's programs with equipment

  • U18/Youth Development - Contributing to our U18/Youth Development will support them with equipment, apparel, travel and training costs.

  • General Fund - Help support ongoing costs of our association such as IFA membership costs, insurance, infrastructure, and other operational costs.

  • Fistball Awareness/Education - Help support costs of conventions, presentations, school visits, supplies and materials. The USFA is committed to expanding its Physical Education initiatives, but needs financial support to make these goals a reality.

How to Support


  • Make a tax deductible donation to support the 2024 National Teams

  • Consider a one-time, yearly, or monthly donation to support the federation. The USFA raises money every year for Womens, Mens, and Youth events all around the world.


  • Consider becoming a sponsor or long-term partner of the USFA

  • See our Sponsorship document here for all details, benefits, and goals

  • Benefits of becoming a Sponsor include:

    • Branding on our website, social media, promotional materials, uniforms, and/or fan gear​

    • Promotional efforts made specifically for your brand

    • Brand exposure across event(s) with over 181,000 live video views, 395 million print article views, 500 social media posts with 6.4 million reached, and an estimated 1.58m Euro market value in print media across 6 continents

Donate Here


Thank you for your donation!

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